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07 August 2012 @ 04:11 pm
Peewee [Epilogue/extra chapter]  
Title: Peewee [Epilogue]
Pairing: TakaYama
Author: Paurene
Genre: life story, romance, comedy idk :|
Rating: PG-13, NC-17
Disclaimer: Plot is mine, characters? Not mine /but in my dreams they are! heehee
Summary: Teaching someone how to love maybe is one of the best things you could share to someone who never experienced it. You’ll never know when love comes and you’re lucky enough if it comes knocking on you’re door.

Yamada was disturbed from his deep slumber because of the heavy feeling over his chest. He tried to remove it but it just won’t budge. He opened his eyes and saw Takaki resting his head and half of his chest over his chest like a baby. He gave a sigh and brushed his fingers over the guy’s brunette locks. Yamada looked around Takaki’s room; reminiscing the first time he entered the room to take care Takaki when he was sick. Right now, good thing Takaki recovered fast, though some scars were left from the accident. Yamada somehow felt sorry for Rubi as well, the police informed her family and they were shocked of what their daughter did.

After everything that happened between their relationship, Yamada is happy that they’re still together. He still remembers how Takaki made him fall, hard. He never thought that he would fall for this stupid hoodlum looking guy. He remembered how much he hated this guy, and that hate little by little transformed into something weird that he never imagined he would feel in his entire life. He thanked his self for deciding to be independent and live on his own because he know for his self that he matured and learned how to love.

After the accident, they informed Takaki’s family about their relationship, of course Yuki was very ecstatic about this. Takaki’s father and especially his mother were in favor about the relationship. Yamada could never ask for more, his family will be back after 2 months and will stay for good, and promised him that they’ll have more time for him.

“Ryosuke?” Takaki called him sleepily as he caresses the guy still as he thinks. “Hmm? It’s still early for you to wake up my love” Yamada giggled as he pinched Takaki’s cheeks. “Mmhh” Takaki moaned sleepily and pulled himself up to place his arms around Yamada’s body and hugged him tightly. “Good morning peewee, I missed you so much! Even if I slept beside and dreamt about you the whole night.” Takaki inveigled with his husky bedroom voice, Yamada chuckled and poked Takaki’s tummy, “Haha! You! You’re getting cheesier and cheesier huh?” and because of that, I love you more and more each day” Yamada smiled and reached for Takaki’s lips. “I love you so much Yuya” he said in between the kisses. Takaki can’t help but to smile, “Aaah…why are you doing this to me Ryosuke” Takaki bit his lower lips. “What? What did I do?” Yamada pouted, thinking what he did.

“This.” Takaki took Yamada’s hands and placed it over his chest. “Can you feel it? Can you feel every beat of my heart? Fast isn’t it? And for the win Ryosuke, you’re the only person that can make it skip a beat with just one smile from those sweet lips of yours. And it beats only for you by the way.” Takaki smiled. Yamada felt his face growing very warm because of what Takaki told him.

“Well you’re that to me too you know” he took Takaki’s hands and placed it over his chest as well “See? And look at my face! I know I’m all red right now.” Yamada pouted, Takaki laughed and pulled Yamada’s chin for a kiss “I love you…so so much Ryosuke” Takaki whispered huskily. “I love you too Yuya… so much… don’t you dare leave me, or else” Yamada replied, and punched him lightly over his cheeks.

Takaki just smiled and without another word, pulled him in for another kiss, but this time for a deeper one. Both of them are so into the zone that they’re moaning because of the pleasure of they’re feeling. Both of them are exploring every inch of each other’s mouth, sending hot breathes to each other. It’s been a month since the last time they became this intimate with each other. “Hey, your family might hear us” Yamada panted as he broke the kiss, but Takaki still continued to do business with his ears and neck. “Mmmnghhh…Yu-Yuya…they mi- ahh might hear us” Yamada moaned and tried to complete his sentence, even though inside him he really wanted to scream out. But he can’t just push Takaki away to stop him because he totally admits that he really is enjoying the moment.

“I know they’re still sleeping, don’t worry baby” Takaki panted and kissed Yamada’s lips before going back to his neck. Yamada can feel Takaki’s member growing hard between his legs already, he gave up already “That’s it…” and started to kiss back passionately, but suddenly somebody knocked on the door

“Nii-chan? Yama-chan? Breakfast is ready.” It was Yuki. Takaki and Yamada stopped what they’re doing and stared at each other. Only their pants are heard inside the room. “Ye-yeah! We’ll follow!” Takaki shouted.

“Faster! Oh, I’m going in, I have to get something” Yuki said. Takaki and Yamada panicked, they immediately move away from each others arms and tried to fix their selves, Yamada on the other hand pretended to be asleep. “Shit! I’m gonna kill that girl. Come here Ryosuke” Takaki hissed, and pulled Yamada over his chest. He tried not to laugh because of Takaki’s frustrated reaction and closed his eyes before Yuki appeared inside the room.

“Nii-chan! Have you seen Yusuke’s leash? I want to walk him around the park” Yuki asked, her cheeks blushing as soon as she saw Yamada sleeping over his brother’s chest. “Tsk, you went here just to ask that? Mom placed Yusuke’s things inside your room right?” Takaki asked irritably. “Oh. Really? Thanks, heehee” Yuki chuckled, enjoying the scene.

“Why are you giggling about?” Takaki hissed. “Nothing. Oh, why are you so irritated so early in the morning Nii-chan?” Yuki asked innocently, “Nothing, go away now. Ryosuke’s still sleeping.”

“Oooh, maybe you two were doing something and I disturbed it huh? Heehee! I’m so sorry!” Yuki giggled, Takaki was just so irritated and gave up, “Yeah, I’m glad you realized that Yuki. Ryosuke and I are about to have s-” Takaki said but a pinch from his side tummy interrupted him “Hmm? Why are you shouting Yuya? Oh hi Yuki, good morning” Yamada pretended to yawn and scratch his eyes and smiled at Yuki, “Ah, Ohayo Yama-chan! Heehee oh my, you’re too beautiful for a guy! But I knew that before but you’re supposed to be not-so-beautiful when you wake up right? But you? Oh my gosh, Nii-chan, I’m sorry to disturb you guys” Yuki smiled.

“Oh, disturbed who? No its okay you didn’t disturbed us Yuki. We’re not doing anything anyways” Yamada stood up and stretched, “Oh, heehee. But anyways, let’s eat breakfast” Yuki smiled and got out of the room. And ass soon as Yuki was out, Yamada threw the pillow at Takaki “Baka! Why would you tell your sister that? Tsk! stupid” Yamada hissed.

“Aah! What? She’s so annoying. And I know she did that on purpose to catch us and create a story and share it to her fangirl friends. Might as well give her the details right? So that she could come up with a great story” Takaki explained and Yamada placed his arms around his waist and sighed “You’re so stupid, she’s so young to be exposed to those kinds of things. And you should not tolerate it” Yamada said and rolled his eyes.

Takaki pouted and tried to think of an excuse but there’s none “Okay I’m sorry. I’ll not tolerate that girl okay? I was just so annoyed with her. I know you kind of feel me too right? We were so in the mood and then…tsk” Takaki threw the pillow away.

Yamada sat beside him and stared “What?” Takaki asked, looking so down because of what happened. “I know what you feel. Don’t worry, we’ll continue later okay? At my house, where in no one can disturb us. I’ll have my revenge on what you did to me at the hospital, so be ready Yuya” Yamada whispered and bit his lips seductively and then walked out of the room. “Huh? Ryosuke! Come back here! Why are you doing this to me… why does it have to be later!” Takaki breathed deeply and caught his breath, because what Yamada did to him made his heart race in excitement.

Takaki stood up and went outside to follow him, looking forward of that ‘revenge’ with a smile on his lips.


“How’s your sleep Yamada-kun?” Takaki’s mother asked while placing spoonfuls of eggs on Yamada’s plate “It was nice, I missed this kind of feeling that there is a family inside the house. By the way I’m sorry to interrupt the house Takaki-san” Yamada smiled and bowed. “Oh you! You’re not disturbing! You are part of this family now Yamada-kun, my son loves you, we love you. You’re always welcome here. From now on, you can eat and sleep here whenever you like okay?”

Yamada smiled and looked at Takaki who nodded. “By the way, when is your anniversary?” Takaki’s mother asked, Yamada and Takaki looked at each other then to Suri, “May 9 is our official date, I remember we cleared things out on your birthday ne Ryosuke?” Takaki smiled and took a spoonful of rice. Yamada blushed and remembered how he asked Takaki what their status was.


“What am I really to him? I mean, ‘that’ word never came out from him” Yamada thought. By that, he meant the word boyfriend/lover. Yes it’s true, there was really no confirmation from Takaki nor from Yamada. It’s like they’re in some state of being friends suddenly becoming this, doing things that friends really don’t do.

Takaki wrapped his arms around the short guy and pulled a blanket over them. “Anou… Takaki? What am I to you? I mean, you know… what are we right now?” Yamada bit his lower lips as he asked the question. Takaki faced Yamada, quite surprised of his question. “What you are to me? You’re one of the most amazing things that happened in my life. I’m really thankful that you transferred across our house, because of that I get to meet you. The truth is the moment I saw you, something just changed in me, and you’re the reason why I’m happier now. I know, I’m weird, but it’s true. And you’re my shortie” Takaki finished. “And for your second question. What are we right now? Well, isn’t it obvious?”

“Yeah, but you never confirmed it. I also didn’t confirm it too. I just want it to be clear, that’s all” Yamada looked down and played with his fingers. “Okay, I’m sorry. I assumed that it’s all clear for you.” Takaki grabbed Yamada’s hands and entwined it over his. “Let’s make it all clear now and start all over again, Yamada Ryosuke? Will you be my boyfriend?” Takaki smiled. Yamada tried not to laugh but he just can’t. “What? And what if I say no?”

“Eh? Why?” Takaki pouted grabbed the strawberry pillow that Yamada is holding to hide his face. “I’m just kidding! Yes, okay?” Yamada pulled the pillow away from Takaki’s face and saw that he is now smiling “Really? Thank you. You don’t know how happy I am.” Takaki hugged him tight. “So now it’s official. May 9 is our official date” Yamada smiled and tried to hide his blush. “Yeah, and it’s my birthday too by the way”

“It is? Wow, Happy Birthday shortie” Takaki gave him a kiss on the cheeks. “Thank you.” Yamada blushed hard. “We should sleep now. This is all my fault, I’m sorry for barging in at 3 am.” Takaki pulled him in closer in a comfortable position. “No worries” Yamada wrapped his arms around the guy and rested his head comfortably against Takaki’s chest.

“Oh my, Ryosuke. I do like him…Takaki, you’re the only one who made me feel this way for the first time…and the thing is, I’m falling for you” Yamada drifted with a smile on his lips”


“Why are you smiling Ryosuke?” Takaki asked when he noticed that Yamada is smiling and blushing. “Oh, nothing. I just remembered that particular moment” Yamada shook his head, “Uwaah! That moment seems to be a great moment! Share it to us Yama-chan! Onegai!” Yuki begged, “Oi Yuki! Just eat your breakfast” Takaki said irritably. “Nah, It was just funny and touching at the same time. Because that night, it was already around 3 am? He was calling my name at the window, I opened the door for him. I thought he got locked out or something. When I asked why he is at my house at that time, he said he can’t sleep because he’s thinking of me. Cheesy ne?” Yamada chuckled. “Oi, Ryosuke. That information was supposed to be for us only” Takaki blushed.

“Wow Nii-chan! That was so sweet! I didn’t know you know such things huh?” Yuki giggled. “Yuya, Yamada-kun really changed you huh? I’m very happy that you came into our son’s life” Suri smiled at Yamada.

“Oh, you say your aniversary’s every 9th? Hmm today’s the 7th right? Honey, I’ll just give them my ticket for the island trip on Jeju island for two, since I’m not really fond of beaches.” Takaki’s father said.

“That’d be great! I’m sure you guys will enjoy.” Takaki’s mother clapped her hands together in excitement. “Yes, the trip will be on the 9th , with the ticket don’t worry its all set, I’ll talk to my friend at the immigration to fix your visas, since it’s in Korea” Takaki’s father smiled.

“Korea? Seriously? As in Korea korea?” Yamada asked, Korea is one of the best places for Yamada, since he visited there with his sister last summer; he fell in love with the country. “Yes. Korea. Don’t worry we can rush your visas, since it’s a company price for the deals that I closed” Takaki’s father smiled “Oh my, thank you so much Takaki-san. And you said that it’s a trip to Jeju Island? After that trip I swear, I can die already” Yamada smiled dreamily.

“Oi, don’t say those kinds of things Ryosuke. I know it’s your dream to go to Jeju, but don’t die after that or else we’ll not go” Takaki said looking seriously at Yamada who suddenly stopped smiling dreamily, “I’m sorry. I was just so excited! You’re such a kill joy, I’m sorry” Yamada pouted.

“Yamada-kun you’re the cutest! Oi Yuya, don’t be such a kill joy, stop acting like you father” Takaki Suri joked.


“What?” Yamada asked, slightly irritated when Takaki repeatedly poked his tummy. They’re inside his room, looking for his important documents for the travel, because Takaki’s father will bring all the documents so that it can be processed as soon as possible.

Takaki pouted “Nothing, you’re excited huh?” he asked the boy. Yamada looked at him “Yes! Very much. Aren’t you?” Yamada smiled. “I am, especially the fact that we’re together on this trip. You know, after everything that happened” Takaki pecked the boy’s forehead and sat down over Yamada’s bed, hugging the strawberry pillow, looking over the boy.

Takaki knows that Yamada forgot his supposed to be ‘revenge’ on him. But that’s fine with him because he knows that Yamada’s very much excited about the trip. He smiled, and felt excited as well for the trip to Korea with his the boy he loved so much. He could imagine the things that they can do there together.

Yamada compiled all the needed documents for the trip and excitedly sat beside Takaki who’s still hugging his pillow. “I’m all set! I think I won’t be able to sleep for two days because of the excitement.” Yamada giggled and lied down on his back.

“Hey, don’t get too excited. Hmm, I’m kind of jealous of this trip you know. Because I haven’t seen you this excited over me” Takaki pouted and buried his face over the pillow.

Yamada laughed and hugged the guy from the side, “Aww, hey. Yuya?” Yamada tried to pull the pillow off the brunettes face. Takaki faced Yamada with a very awkward face. “Haha! You’re such a cutie baby, come here” Yamada removed the pillow and hugged Takaki tightly.

“You have no idea how I’m feeling everyday when we’re together, when you look at me, when we hold hands and kiss. And those moments with you can never ever be replaced with any trips, or just anything. Remember that okay? You might see me this excited over the trip but at the end of the day Yuya, you’ll be the only one that I’ll be excited of with. I know it’s corny, but words can’t just describe it. But this may explain some of it”

Yamada loosened his hug and faced Takaki to him. He rested his forehead over the guy’s. Yamada could feel his heart beating wildly inside him, which he feels every time Takaki looks at him, this close. He took a deep breath and slowly placed his lips over Takaki’s soft warm lips and after a few seconds Takaki initiated the move and of course Yamada couldn’t help but follow. Yamada felt Takaki’s smile over his lips, and made his heart beat fast and for that he released warm breaths over the guy’s mouth. “Mmmhh…aahh” He slightly opened his mouth to somehow inhale and exhale, because if not he’s sure that he’ll pass out because of lack of oxygen.

Takaki understood the boy’s situation; he caressed Yamada’s back and pecked his cheeks. “Hey, let’s take it easy baby.” Yamada pouted and took a deep breath. “See? Then you don’t have the rights to get jealous over our trip. You simply kissing me takes my breath away; I can actually die right at that moment you know” Yamada said in a charming voice.

Takaki chuckled “Haha! I know, I know. I promise I won’t be jealous over something or someone.” He hugged the boy tightly as they slowly wafted away to sleep.   


The next morning Yusuke barks happily while waiting for Yamada to throw the ball. Yamada threw the ball and the puppy excitedly ran to fetch for it “Go Yusuke! Here baby” Yamada missed playing with Yusuke. He hugged the puppy while Yusuke licked his face, “You missed me too huh? Yeah? I missed you too!”

While cuddling with Yusuke, a pair of arms wrapped around them. “You missed each other huh?” Takaki joined the two, “Hey there baby! You’ll be missing Ryosuke more because we’re going on a trip. But we’ll be back after 3 days” Takaki cooed the puppy that is licking his face now.

“And here are our papers for the trip” Takaki added and kissed Yamada head. The boy gasped “Hontou? That was fast” He took the papers that Takaki is holding “Flight’s tomorrow morning! Yuya! I’m so excited, what will I do!?”

Takaki chuckled because of Yamada’s cuteness. “Calm down cutie. Haha! By the way, help me pack my things. I know you’re all packed up. Come on Yusuke!” Takaki helped Yamada stand up, who is still staring at the papers as they entered Takaki’s house.

The night that day, Takaki helped Yamada bring his things over to Takaki’s house because he’ll spend the night there for the early flight the next morning. Yusuke will be staying with Yuki during their vacation, which Yuki liked very much.

“Yuya, wake up already.” Yamada tapped and caressed Takaki to wake up. “Happy Anniversary” Yamada kissed the sleepy guy. Takaki moaned sleepily as he tried to open his eyes that seem to be glued to each other because he wasn’t able to sleep last night because of Yamada feeling all excited talking with Chinen and Daiki over the phone. “Happy Anniversary peewee” He smiled sleepily and pulled Yamada for a kiss on the forehead. “Baby, can I have five more minutes?” he mumbled and closed his eyes, “Okay, no problem baby” Yamada chuckled. Takaki felt a kiss over his forehead and he went back to sleep again.

“Hey…I gave you 15 minutes already. You can continue your sleep at the car or the plane. I’ll drive us to the airport. Let’s go, get dressed already” Yamada cooed his sleepy boyfriend who sat down and rubbed his eyes, “I’m sorry baby. No, I’ll drive” Takaki yawned and gave Yamada a kiss on the forehead and took his clothes that Yamada prepared.

After 20 minutes of preparing and eating quick breakfast that Takaki’s mother prepared for them, they placed all their baggage inside the car.

“You guys enjoy the trip okay? Take care” Takaki’s father called out to them when they’re all set. “Of course sir. And thank you so much again, we’ll buy souvenirs for you guys” Yamada bowed. “Yuya, Take care of Yama-chan okay? Do you have everything you need Yama-chan?” Takaki Suri asked. “Of course mom, I will. Yeap we have everything now.”

“Thank you. We will. See you after 3 days” Yamada smiled. “Let’s go Ryosuke. We have to go, our flights at 5am. Bye” They rode inside Yamada’s car and drove away.

After 30 minutes, they arrived the Narita airport since it’s still not the rush hour. Takaki dropped Yamada and their baggage at the international section and parked the car at the airport’s parking lot since they’ll be staying at Korea for 3 days and 2 nights. After 10 minutes Takaki met up with Yamada “Hey, I’m sorry it took so long because I have to found a good spot for us so that you won’t have to walk far” Takaki said, He gazed Yamada from top to bottom and looked at the people looking at him “No worries? Really, well that’s nice. Hey, why are you looking at me like that?” Yamada asked confused and looked around to see if there’s something wrong. “Nothing, you just looked so great, your fashion sense is just something. You look like an idol maybe that’s why people are staring at you they thought you’re someone” Takaki chuckled as he pinched the boy’s cheeks. “Eh? Really…hmmm yeah, even before my fashion sense is way much better that my sister. I noticed that too, I thought there’s something wrong with me” Yamada pouted. “Haha. Oh well, let’s go now, someone might steal my boyfriend away from me” Takaki kissed Yamada’s forehead; Yamada blushed and elbowed the guy and laughed.


The stewardess kept on offering things to them during the flight and Takaki tried to sleep to divert his attention, but he just can’t, he’s anxious and feeling nauseated because he really doesn’t like riding an airplane. Maybe he’s feeling is too obvious on his face “Are you okay Yuya? Do you need something” Yamada asked worried. Takaki sighed “Nothing, I’m fine, don’t worry” Takaki lied. But the drops of pea sized sweat trickling down Takaki’s forehead made Yamada more worried. He wiped it with his hands “Your face is a bit cold and you look pale Yuya, are you nauseated?”  Yamada asked, taking his hanky out from his pocket to wipe Takaki’s cold face.

“I’m fine. I just really hate riding planes. Don’t worry” He explained. He took Yamada’s hand and held it tight. He rested his head against the seat to somewhat relax himself. “Hey… I’m worried Yuya” Yamada said, holding his hand tighter. Takaki looked at him “Don’t worry about me, I’m not gonna be sick you know. Do you have candy there?” Takaki asked for it to somewhat relieve the nausea. Yamada quickly searched his bag, but he suddenly remembered that he placed it on his other bag. “Shoot. It’s not here, I remember placing it over to my main bag. I’m sorry, I’ll go ask the stewardess” Yamada said, still searching on his bag hoping that he’ll find some for his boyfriend.

When he was about to call the stewardess, Takaki cupped his cheeks between his palms and gently pressed his lips over to Yamada’s. “Mmmh? Yu-Yuya?” Yamada mumbled underneath Takaki’s lips. Suddenly, he felt Takaki’s warm tongue slid inside his mouth. And now he couldn’t help but to response to what Takaki is doing. Good thing nobody’s seated at the other side of the seat. Takaki stopped, both of them catching their breaths.

“What was that for Yuya?! You’re so random, I thought you feel sick?” Yamada was a little shocked with Takaki’s actions. “Well, since you don’t have any candies there. And instead of asking the stewardess for some, I thought my baby’s lips and mouth is sweet like one, so I decided to kiss you instead. And I think it worked because the dizziness and nausea kind of subsided” Takaki smiled and stuck his tongue out.

“You never ever fail to make unexpected stupid moves. I hate you, I was worried! But… never mind, I’m glad you’re much better now” Yamada pouted and elbowed his boyfriend. “Haha, I’m sorry, by the way, how many hours still for us to arrive to Korea?” he asked.

Yamada looked at his watch and pouted, “Hmm, about 2 more hours.”


“I’m going to tell nee-chan that we’re here. But I bet she’s out of the country right now because his husband I believe is an idol here at Korea and works internationally sometimes” Yamada took out his phone as soon as they rode the cab that will bring them to their hotel. “How long since you last saw your sister?” Takaki asked, “Hmm… almost 2 years?” Yamada said and spoke with the cab driver in Korean, he told him the name of the hotel and asked how he’s doing, and the nice driver smiled and greeted him as well.

“You can speak Korean?” Takaki asked slightly shocked at the same time amazed with his boyfriend. “No, I can’t Yuya. Unfortunately I obviously can’t” Yamada answered sarcastically. Takaki thought for a second and pinched him on his cheeks “I hate you, you little chibi!” Yamada laughed. “I was just joking Yuya! I’m sorry. I love you!” Yamada cooed.

After 20 minutes of ride that they enjoyed because of the view of the place as well, they arrived the said hotel that they will be staying at for 2 days and 3 nights. The place was beautiful, very elegant and classy. People inside upon entering welcome their guests with their warm smile and greetings. The lovers both bowed and smiled in response with the greeting. They proceeded at the front desk and Yamada spoke with the lady in Korean.

“Wow, our room is deluxe according to her. I think it’s too much for us, but this is great! I’m excited to see the room and the great view” Yamada excitedly said while getting the key card from the nice lady. “Yeah, dad’s company is a big time company. He gets these kinds of prices whenever he closes deals from other company” Takaki said.

One of the crew there took their baggage and placed it on the trolley, Yamada cling over to Takaki’s arm and excitedly walked together to go to their room. They rode the elevator and stopped at the 10th floor. The bellboy assisted them and placed their thing inside the room, “Hamsamnida” Yamada bowed and gave him a tip. The guy bowed and smiled, he thanked them and asked if there’s anything they need. Yamada said they’re all good, the guy bowed and left the room.

“You’re really nice in dealing and interacting with other people” Takaki smiled, “My parents taught us to be like that” he walked around the room. He went inside the bedroom and the bed inside was really big and very spacious. The bathroom has a big shower area, a bath tub and a Jacuzzi. The best part of the room was the terrace where in the island can be seen, it was just breath taking and Yamada breathed in deep engulfing the sea air inside him.

“Ah…this is the best”

“Yes it is. Happy Anniversary my peewee, I love you” Takaki whispered and hugged him from the back. Yamada felt much happier when Takaki hugged him, he just loves this guy so much. “Happy Anniversary. I love you so much” Yamada replied, caressing Takaki’s long arm around him. 

“So where do want do go first? The beach?” Takaki suggested since he loves the beach, “The beach? Yeah, that’s a great idea and then, after let’s eat” Yamada chuckled. They unpacked their things and prepared and changed into their swimming attire.

“Hey sexy, let’s go” Yamada chuckled while poking Takaki’s tummy “Sexy? Gosh look at you” Takaki stared at Yamada’s body, he’s so white and muscles so firm. Even the word perfect can’t describe it. Yamada shook his head “For me you’re the world’s sexiest man in the entire universe. Shh, don’t object. I have my own criteria” Yamada said when Takaki was about to say something. “Haha! That’s why I love you. Even with all my flaws, for you I’m perfect.” Takaki took Yamada’s arm and pulled him towards him “That’s because I love you.”

They left the room and rode the elevator. Good thing Yamada knows how to speak Korean, they asked for instructions on how to go to the beach and this nice lady gave them an itinerary map. “She’s nice, this map will help us to tour the island” Yamada said while scanning the map “I think she likes you, that’s why” Takaki said while looking at the girl form afar, giggling with her friends and looking at Yamada. And one of them is taking pictures of him too. “What? Oh, you’re jealous huh? Let’s go, don’t mind about it. The weather’s great” Yamada said and pulled his boyfriend to go to their first itinerary

They walked their way to the beach. Yamada took pictures while on the way, and he enjoyed taking stolen shots of Takaki the most. They arrived the beach at last, the sand was so fine and white, and the waves are so graceful and very relaxing, since it’s still 9 in the morning there are very few people in the beach. They left their things nearby and went in for a dip. Takaki was very excited to swim, and the water’s temp was perfect. “Let’s go there” Takaki pulled Yamada and they swam beside the big rock. “This is too perfect” Yamada placed his arms around Takaki’s neck and rested his head over the guy’s shoulders. “Yeah, I want to stay here forever with you” Takaki chuckled and placed his arms around Yamada’s waist. The waves hitting their bodies were very relaxing.

After an hour of swim at the beach, they sat along the shore and played with the sand. Because of Yamada’s beautiful skin and perfectly shaped body and Takaki’s long and slender torso, little by little girls started to swim and pretended to play near them. Some giggling and took pictures of them. The two noticed it, Takaki looked at Yamada “Hmmm, baby you have sand on your cheeks” Takaki smirked. Takaki moved closer and removed the sand, and pulled Yamada for a smack. Yamada’s eyes grew wide and didn’t expect that Takaki can kiss him in front of other people. They heard gasps and squeals, “Hmm, I’m hungry. Let’s eat!” Takaki said, “Oh-okay. Oh my, Yuya…You’re so unexpected” Yamada smiled and stood up.

They took their things and sat down for a while to check the map on where they can eat for lunch, “Where do you want to eat?” Yamada asked while scanning the map beside Takaki, “Anywhere. Hmmm, let’s try Korean food I guess?” Takaki smiled as he placed a towel around Yamada’s body. The boy laughed and shook his head, “Hmm, how about here. Then after we eat, we can shop” Yamada said while pointing at the map.

They walked hand in hand leaving the girls feeling sorry because they’re together.

After eating their hearts out with delicious Korean food, they decided to shop at the bazaar where in they bought a lot of clothes, snacks and lots of souvenir items for their friends and family. After shopping they went to the spa and spent their afternoon soaking at the hot spring.

“This is awesome we can enjoy everything here for free. Let’s go back here tomorrow, it’s very relaxing ne? After all the shopping” Yamada sighed and soaked his body up to his neck, Takaki smiled and moved closer to his boyfriend “Sure” 

After an hour of spa, they decided to go back at the hotel room first to bring all their shopping bags and change clothes too for the beach party later at 8. It’s almost 7, and they strolled at the sea shore, killing time before the said beach party.

The walked hand in hand, cherishing every moment they have. Yamada stopped and faced Takaki “Yuya, I just wanted to tell you that I’m very very happy. And thank you for barging into my life” Yamada chuckled and looked at his guy. “Happy 3rd month.” He added and blushed as he handed Takaki a small box. “Oh.” Was all Takaki could say because he was surprised. He looked at Yamada who smiled and signaled him to open the small box. Takaki opened the box feeling excited.

The thing inside glistened under the moonlight, he took it. It was a necklace with a pendant of the infinity sign. Takaki smiled as he looked at the gift. “Thank you baby. I really like it” He hugged the boy “Yeah? I saw you looking at it a while ago, and I was thinking that it’s nice because it has the infinity sign, signifies our love. I was really hoping that you’ll like it” Yamada muffled over Takaki’s chest.

“I know. But is it okay for you if I have the same gift?” Takaki said and took something in his pocket and handed it over to Yamada with an excited look at his face. It looks like the same necklace that Yamada gave him “I saw that, and I thought I wanted to give you this. This represents our love…My unending love for you. I want you not to worry about anything. And just incase anything happens between our love or us, just always remember that I will and always love you no matter what.” Takaki smiled and scratched the back of his head as he watched Yamada staring at the necklace.

“I love it. We have the same pendant” Yamada looked at him and smiled. “This is kind of funny don’t you think? We gave each other the same gift. Cool” Yamada added as he caressed Takaki’s face. “I know right? It’s called love, we think the same” Takaki chuckled as he poked the boy’s cheeks.

“I love you” Yamada said as he looked at him, “I know and I love you too.” Yamada tip toed and kissed Takaki on the lips.

The cool wind of Jeju blew and brushed through them. People started to volume up on the venue of the beach party. At exactly 8 pm, the party started with fireworks and then staffs walked around offering drinks and food to the people. Music started on, which made people dance. The two went to stay a table nearest to the bar, Yamada called the waitress and ordered some cold beer and barbeque. The waitress stared at Yamada and kept on asking if he needs anything else.

“Wow, I think that girl likes you. With the way she looked and smiled at you?” Takaki said and shook his head while he follows the girl with his eyes. Yamada chuckled “Seriously, Yuya?”

Takaki looked at him and rolled his eyes, “Well, okay. I’m sorry. I’ll just think that you’re much more beautiful than her, which is true” Takaki said. “What the? Haha let’s just drink okay” Yamada said fighting not to laugh. He never saw Takaki like this before, he didn’t mind how the lady flirted because he does not care about her, but might as well enjoy the jealous Takaki moment.

The waitress once again came to them with their orders. Yamada thanked the lady and smiled, which made obviously made the girl blush so hard and Takaki to roll his eyes once again.  Takaki noticed Yamada’s stupid smile. “Okay, I’m jealous. Happy? I know that smile Ryosuke. But to be honest, I’m more jealous because she’s a girl! Don’t ask why okay because I don’t know as well” Takaki sighed and took a swing of his beer.

“Haha! You know me. I’m smiling because you’re too adorable to watch while being jealous. And sure, I’ll not ask why.” Yamada chuckled. “Enough of that. One thing’s for sure, you’re mine” Takaki sneered. They stopped talking about that and enjoyed the drinks and food.

They tried every food booth at the party. Yamada loved the dessert booth the best while Takaki enjoyed the barbeque station. And they literally tried everything. After the eating galore, they watched some performances at the beach.

“Are you enjoying?” Takaki asked as they walk. “Of course. Very much” Yamada smiled and grabbed the guy’s hand. Takaki saw Yamada yawned and rubbed his eyes using the back of his hands. “Sleepy? Let’s go back and take a rest” Takaki tapped the boy’s head.

They walked their way back to the hotel, “But I’m not that tired though. I’m just so full because of the food we ate” Yamada said as they reached the elevator. “Haha! Yeah, we ate a lot tonight, Korean food is so good”

They reached the 10th floor, Takaki took the key card from his pockets and opened the door. Yamada opened the lights “Aaah, finally” Yamada sighed as he sat comfortably over the couch. “Would you like to take a hot shower before sleeping? I’ll fill the tub with warm water for you.”  Takaki called inside the bathroom.

Yamada stood up and followed the guy inside “Yeah, I think I need that. Thank you” he said and hugged Takaki from the back. “Hmm…You can join me if you want” Yamada added. He felt Takaki chuckled and then little by little, started removing his clothes.

“I guess it’s a yes” Yamada laughed and removed his clothes as well. Takaki faced him with a smug on his face. “I’ll help you with that sexy” he said when Yamada was fumbling with his belt buckle.

After taking everything off, they both stepped inside the tub which was quite spacious for the two of them. They submerged their bodies together. “Haaah…that’s very relaxing” Yamada sighed as he hugged Takaki’s waist and rested his head over the guy’s shoulder.

Takaki took a deep breath “Come here…” He rasped as he took Yamada’s hand and carefully lifted him on top of him. Yamada sat over on his lap and automatically locked his legs around his guy’s waists. Takaki smiled and liked what the boy did, he pulled him much closer and Yamada followed as he laced his arms around Takaki’s neck.

Words are not needed that moment, it’s like they’re communicating using their eyes and already knew where this is going. Their bodies guided them on every desired move. Yamada rested his forehead over Takaki’s while his hands are seductively playing with the guy’s locks. Takaki couldn’t take it anymore and was dying already to feel Yamada’s velvet lips. He tried to take things slowly as he pressed his lips against Yamada’s, and brushed his tongue in between for entrance.

Later on, the kiss became heated as both of them explored and savored each other’s taste. Takaki grunted as Yamada tightened his legs around his waist and started to rub his body against him which made their members rub as well.

Their kiss, the movement of the water and breathy grunts was the only sound audible inside the bathroom, which made the situation much hotter. And which eventually made both of them hard. While still busy making business with Takaki’s mouth Yamada didn’t realize that he was being lifted out of the tub. He didn’t know that Takaki was strong enough to carry him on that position. So just to be safe since they’re on a tiled floor, he untangled his legs around Takaki’s waist and got his feet on the ground feeling the floor all wet. Takaki lead him inside the room, and was laid on top of the bed.

Their lips never parted until Takaki started to nibble Yamada’s ears, neck, chest and stomach. Yamada closed his eyes feeling Takaki’s kisses all over his needy body. He couldn’t resist grabbing the guy’s head to deepen the kisses.

“Unggghhh…aahh” Yamada moaned when Takaki suddenly grabbed his member and started licking the tip. He looked down and saw Takaki bobbing his head as he engulfed his whole manliness. At the same time, he felt an intrusion inside his entrance and realized that Takaki inserted two fingers already, preparing him.  After a few seconds, Yamada felt a pressure forming on his lower abdomen waiting for a release. He tried to keep it for a few seconds, feeling the formed orgasm from Takaki’s blowjob. He then released after “Uuuughh! Ohhhh…” Yamada panted and caught Takaki’s head between his hands.

Takaki looked at him, full of lust in his eyes while licking cum from his lips. “Ryosuke…” Takaki rasped and carried himself up and gave the boy a taste of himself by kissing him. “My turn” Yamada whispered in between the kiss and immediately topped Takaki. And then he started kissing the guy’s body starting from north then down to south.

Takaki groaned in pleasure once Yamada’s velvet and warm lips touched his member and it felt so great. Yamada stopped and looked at him with a smirk which made him somewhat irritated because he’s been waiting for this after almost two months since there last time. “Wh-why did you stop?” Takaki asked panting slightly.

Yamada pouted, “Hmmm… since it’s technically still our anniversary today…can I top? I would just like to experience it” Yamada blinked and smiled. Takaki looked at him and he actually love topping Yamada and since he’s somewhat the guy in the relationship, “Are you…Su-sure?” Takaki asked. “Just one time…then you can do whatever you like with me after this one round” Yamada smirked. “And remember? This is my punishment for you for fooling me at the hospital right?” He added.

Takaki smiled, “After this round? Okay, let’s do it” he smirked. Yamada chuckled and took something inside the side drawer. It’s a bottle of lube, “Heehee I’ve been planning for this and sure am ready to prepare you of course” then he saw Takaki gulped after seeing the bottle.

Yamada kissed him “Relax, baby…I’ll do it as gentle as possible” He rasped. Takaki gulped and tried to relax his body by resting his head over the pillows and taking deep breaths. Yamada saw all these and tried to hide his laugh, and dove in again for another heated kiss.

Yamada sure does know how to multitask because while making Takaki busy with his lips, he’s pouring in some lube over his fingers and pushed one digit inside. Takaki released a sexy grunt between the kiss which made Yamada insert another digit. The brunette placed his arms around Yamada’s small body and tried not to move his lower body. Yamada started moving his fingers in and out, slightly stretching to prepare Takaki’s entrance. Yamada felt excited and nervous at the same time, because he’s not sure if he’s going to satisfy his guy with this.

“Fuck…do it… Ryo-ryosuke…please” Takaki moaned when Yamada inserted the third digit. Yamada positioned his self as Takaki spreads his long legs. Takaki might’ve noticed Yamada’s worried look, “Are you nervous? Don’t be… I think you’re better that me. Go, I can’t take it anymore, because by just looking at you and your sexy body I’m already satisfied.” Takaki said. Without anytime to spare, Yamada positioned his member and inserted it, little by little filling Takaki in.

“Arghhh… aaahhh...” Takaki grunted. Yamada kissed the guy, and took his time to have Takaki adjust on him. Later on, Yamada started to move in and out. It took him a little while to get the right pace and speed.

Seeing Takaki’s hot face while doing his thing makes him very very turned on, not to mention his hot grunts and moans. So he pounded a little harder. Takaki grasped over to the bed sheets “Argghhh… nggghh… Mo-more… harder Ry-ryosuke…there… unggghhh” Takaki moaned as he pleaded Yamada to do it harder. Takaki felt the pressure on his abdomen building up little by little with every hit on his sweet spot. “I can’t hold in a-anymore…” Takaki grunted.

“Nggghh!” He moaned weakly as he released, and his seeds flowed over his stomach. Yamada on the other hand pounded faster, desperately reaching his own orgasm. After a few seconds, he released everything inside Takaki. Feeling very week and drained, he fell on top of the guy who caught him between his long arms.

Their heavy panting is the only sound in the room. Takaki hugged him tightly and positioned on top of the boy, rested his weight over his elbows, exchanging places with him. “That was…hot” Takaki chuckled and kissed his forehead. “You should time sometimes”

“You liked it?” Yamada chuckled weakly, “Yeah, you looked so hot” Takaki said as he brushed the boy’s sweaty hair up, exposing his face. “Damn, you’re tight” Yamada slightly pushed him “Arghh!” Takaki winced as Yamada moved, “I’m sorry baby” Yamada said as Takaki lifted himself to remove Yamada’s member inside him.

“Sure am. You’re the first you know” Takaki smirked as he massaged his lower back. “Heehee, come here” Yamada wrapped his arms and legs around him resting his head over Takaki’s chest, “Happy Anniversary Yuya. I just wanted to say that you changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me. I can’t imagine what things would be like if I hadn’t met you. I Love you so much. Don’t you dare leave me okay?” Yamada smiled. “You don’t know how happy I am when you became part of my life. And it’s one of the best things that happened to me and I know there are more to come as long as we’re together. I love you, Ryosuke. I’ll never leave you, baby. My peewee” Takaki said and kissed the top of Yamada’s head.

At first, both of them didn’t know that they’ll mean so much to each other when they met. Both of them brought out something they didn’t know they have. Teaching someone how to love maybe is one of the best things you could share to someone who never experienced it. You’ll never know when love comes and you’re lucky enough if it comes knocking on you’re door.


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